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60 Ross Street,
Victoria 3142

King Island Hospital,
King Island

(03) 9826 3322

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What can I expect from the first appointment?

On the first visit you will be asked to complete a health history so we can better understand the nature of your condition, and any other health problems which may also respond to treatment.

Your initial consultation may include any or all of the following exams – postural assessment, range of motion tests, orthopaedic tests, muscle tests, neurological tests, motion palpitation and x-ray analysis. As part of the assessment we look at your entire spine because even slight misalignments between vertebrae can put pressure on the nerves and can contribute to the creation of a symptom.

Once the history and exam are complete, your doctor will explain his/her findings and describe your working diagnosis. Most patients receive treatment on their first visit. Your doctor will also explain your responsibilities in the healing process. These may include home exercises or use of ice or heat, ergonomic changes or modification to certain activities until your healing process is well underway.

We recommend you allow 50 minutes for your first consultation.

Times: 8:30 - 13:00; 15:00 - 19:00

Saturday by appointment

King Island - every three weeks by appointment